Stormy Lake

Unfortunately, Debbie and I haven’t made it to the BOB this season, but I was able to capture Lake Michigan, from Lincoln Township Beach, during the wind storm this past Monday.

2014 Season

It’s cold and raining today and the first breakfast on the beach of the season is scheduled for this Sunday. Here’s hoping that the weather improves greatly by then, it’s supposed to do just that.

Coming Soon!

Today it’s going to be in the middle 60s, which means that it getting very close to beach and breakfast.


Time to set the clocks one hour ahead, which means that we are that much closer to having nice weather and another BOB season.

This is what it’s all about!

What an especially beautiful day and such a great turn out!

Beach pic

Beautiful day…Beautiful people


Of course, there’s some fun to be had in addition to eating.


Pic of bubbles

Bubble fun