Special Occasion

Back in Action

This site has been down due to something in wordpress messing up, but I fixed it and it’s ready for action. Unfortunately, the weather is not co-operating (not that I have been to the Jean Klock beach any time here of late) and, maybe, so am I.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2014 Season

It’s cold and raining today and the first breakfast on the beach of the season is scheduled for this Sunday. Here’s hoping that the weather improves greatly by then, it’s supposed to do just that.


Time to set the clocks one hour ahead, which means that we are that much closer to having nice weather and another BOB season.


I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas!

Thanksgiving Day

Have a fun & safe Thanksgiving Day!

Veteran’s Day

Please take a moment to thank our veterans, and those who are currently serving, on this Veteran’s Day.

Happy Halloween

Carving by Matt

Carving by Matt