Please take a moment to remember…16.pennsylvania.crash


I don’t know if they were very welcomed, but they did seem to enjoy breakfast as much as anyone of us.

Any leftovers?

Any leftovers?


A little gritty, but still good.

A little gritty, but still good.



Can’t feel too down with some blue crab:

This is what it’s all about!

What an especially beautiful day and such a great turn out!

Beach pic

Beautiful day…Beautiful people


Of course, there’s some fun to be had in addition to eating.


Pic of bubbles

Bubble fun


End of the Holiday Weekend

Gotta panoramic picture of the breakfast crowd. Check it out!


4th of July

Have a Safe and very Happy Independence Day!

A little lonely at the beach

Debbie and I showed up and had a wonderful, although limited in selection, breakfast.

See you all next week!


A message from Dixie

Heya everyone…
This Sunday the Livery Brewers are playing the House of David Echoes and Baroda Bulldogs. Our games begin at 10.30 and after our second game, all the teams break for a vegetarian potluck lunch.  The Brewers are asked to bring a dish to share… Would all y’all Beach Bums consider moving locations to Eastman Field (House of David off Britain) to watch a few grand innings if vintage baseball?  Our beach spread would be a wonderful addition to the potluck, too!  It’s not the beach, but it is a field of dreams!
The Schedule:
Brewers Schedule1

Father’s Day

Debbie is out of town. My Brother, Sister and Dad will be visiting tomorrow, or as Dixie said in an email:

Sunday is Father’s Day and the forecast is for storms in the morning… So.  FYI, Tim and I will not be on the beach tomorrow.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads!


It’s now 51 in Benton harbor with gusty north winds and a predicted high of 59, which already happened early this morning.

I’m so very ready for some consistently nice weather! How ’bout it People!?